gruff rhys atheist xmas ep — stream 'slashed wrists this christmas'


If the religious right knew who Gruff Rhys was, he’d be in for a heap of trouble. December 19th, the Super Furry Animals frontman will follow up his fine solo album Hotel Shampoo with the Atheist Xmas EP. It’s the anti-Beiber holiday album, taking pot shots at the commercial conventions of the season. Here’s how the press release describes the EP’s three tracks:

“Motown-tinged opener ‘Post Apocalypse Christmas’ sees Gruff re-imagining the ‘Winterval’ through the semi-melted eyes of a nuclear holocaust survivor.  Humanist hymn ‘At The End Of The Line’ deploys lush vocal harmonies [and] saxophone.. Mournful piano ballad and curtain closer ‘Slashed Wrists This Christmas’ addresses the seasonally taboo subjects of manic depression and suicide.”

If you’re prone to the holiday blues, the latter might not be the best tune to listen to as you nurse spiked egg nog and watch It’s A Wonderful Life for the fifth consecutive time:

(via prefix)

Rhys will mark the day of the EP’s release with in-store performances Cardiff, Bristol and London, so there’s ample time for Westboro Baptist Church to book flights. Merry Xmas, every one.


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