download 'paint the town' from the mighty lemon drops' david newton


David Newton, guitarist of C86 (download) heroes The Mighty Lemon Drops, will self release an EP on November 29th entitled Paint The Town.

Newton has been living in the Los Angeles area, producing and engineering albums from his home studio and playing for a stint with shoegazers Fonda. Now with his band Thee Mighty Angels, he’s returned to his jangle pop roots.

Have a listen to/download the EP’s title track, which has some lovely synths, a driving beat and a Peter Hookian bassline:

If you dig that, you’ll also enjoy the more guitar based jam “Bittersweet.” The accompanying video was shot entirely on cell phone cameras in and about L.A.:

And just in case you need your memory refreshed, or simply would like a stroll down memory lane, here’s “Inside Out” from The Mighty Lemon Drops’ 1988 classic World Without End:

Welcome back, Dave.


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