ringo deathstarr 'shadow' ep and remixes


Austin’s Ringo Deathstarr are currently the warm-up act for Smashing Pumpkins Mach II on its European tour. Since Kevin Shields isn’t much into making music anymore, it’s fortunate this shoegazing trio is around.

They released full length debut Colour Trip earlier this year, and just issued the four-song Shadow EP via London’s Club AC 30. The EP is already sold out — no doubt due to its “very limited edition 10 inch Japanese Cherry Blossom scented pink and purple swirly vinyl” — but you can stream it here.

It features loads of feedback, breathy vocals and the odd cover of “Just You” from Twin Peaks:

(via nylon)

The title track also received a couple of cool remixes, the first by Dean Garcia of Curve fame — who now is in a band called SPC ECO with his daughter Rose Berlin. Here’s the “SPC ECO” remix:

The “Deep Cut” remix turns “Shadow” into a close cousin to My Bloody Valentine’s “Soon”:

(via thisisfakediy)

Shoegaze lives, y’all.


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