hammock 'no agenda' featuring steve kilbey of the church


Hammock, a post-rock duo from Nashville, just released an EP entitled Asleep in the Downlights. The highlight is “No Agenda” which features once of the most recognizable voices of the new wave era, Steve Kilbey of The Church.

Latter-day drummer for The Church, Tim Powles, produced a 2010 EP for Hammock and inspired the collaboration:

“At some point during mixing Steve [Kilbey], who was visiting for something else, overheard an early version of a song with the working title ‘Cabin’ and he loved it. The song just fell into place quickly from there and became ‘No Agenda’.”

Have a listen:

Powles himself provided a vocal for the track “Verse for Forgiveness,” which has a beautiful shoegaze shimmer:

For the EP’s other two tracks, Hammock’s Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson share vocal duties. “Sinking Inside Yourself” is Thompson’s first-ever crack at singing, and it’s a lovely, understated effort:

Byrd is on the mic for the Mogwai-esque slow jam “Parkers Chapel”:

Nice work from a couple dudes who have quietly put out 5 EPs and 5 LPs since forming in 2005.

As for The Church, they’ve got some gigs set for the remainder of 2011 in their native Australia. They also celebrated a 30th anniversary back in April with a special show entitled “A Psychedelic Symphony” at the famed Sydney Opera House. It’s due to be released on DVD, but here’s a clip from the show of “Tantalised” from the 1985 album Heyday:


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