trophy wife bruxism ep & 'wolf' video


Oxford, England’s Trophy Wife just released their debut EP, Bruxism, last month on Blessing Force. Their first two singles of self-described “ambitionless office disco” — “Microlite” and “The Quiet Earth” — showed quite a bit of promise. Bruxism builds on that foundation and finds a band seeking its signature sound.

Closely associated with Foals, as they are protégés of Yannis Philippakis, Trophy Wife blend aspects of math rock with electro pop. For Bruxism, the band enlisted a different producer for each of its five tracks. The result is a full exploration of their capabilities.

Take “Canopy Shade” produced by London electronic duo Plaid. It’s bouncy, sunny and built for the dance floor:

London electronic folkie James Yuill gives the title track a much more refined, restrained sound:

Philippakis was at the controls for “Wolf” and it shows. There’s much more negative space and an unsettling vibe that’s only accentuated by the video:

Curious to see where these guys go from here.. hope to see a full length sometime in 2012 to find out.


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