stream 'parallax' from atlas sound in full


Lovable weirdo Bradford Cox will release Atlas Sound‘s Parallax next week on 4AD. After emptying his vault of bedroom tapes last fall, Cox has returned with a set of 12 songs that are more focused, restrained and polished than anything he’s released before.

We’ve been pleased with what we’ve heard so far, and now thanks to the New York Times the entire album is available to stream. Check out the NYT post for Cox’s cryptic explanations of his favorite tracks such as this diatribe on “The Shakes”:

“Possibly about Howard Hughes or Elvis or Cobain. Money and fame frame the narrator in regret and pangs of horror. These things usually come too late to bring any real satisfaction. I imagine snow outside lead-paned windows and oak library bookshelves and a fireplace and an emaciated hand trembling or shaking while holding a glass of bourbon. The narrator speaks to the camera and describes the shocking panic of realizing his or her material possessions are his or her closest friends. The double-tracked high-hats accidentally bounce left and right in the stereo field. The narrator is possibly not human or cannot relate to human love and connections. Eventually he disappears into cosmic static (marked by the introduction of the saxophone quartet) only to realize he has forgotten the address he was meant to return to. The emptiness of the room suggests the chord changes. Snow continues to fall silently outside the now open window.”

Makes total sense. Anyway, have a listen: