ice choir 'two rings' 7" featuring pobpah's kurt feldman


Perhaps you know Kurt Feldman as the drummer for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Or maybe you remember him as the frontman of the unfortunately defunct Depreciation Guild. Regardless, you should get to know his new project The Ice Choir.

The Ice Choir will release a limited 500 copy vinyl pressing of its debut single “Two Rings” November 15th on Shelflife. Preorder it and get an immediate digital download.

Feldman has ditched the sugary shoegaze of The Depreciation Guild and gone for full-on 80’s inspired synthpop. Imagine if Tears for Fears had followed up The Hurting with an even more synth heavy album. Produced by the Violens Jorge Elbrecht, “Two Rings” is a near perfect pop song:

B-side “The Ice Choir” is equally enthralling:

Can’t wait to hear more from Feldman’s new side gig. In the meantime, here’s “Blue Lily” from the dearly departed Depreciation Guild’s swan song Spirit Youth:


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