summer camp 'welcome to condale' album stream & 'down' video


Summer Camp, the duo of Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley, release their debut full length November 8th. Welcome to Condale is awash in 80’s nostalgia nearly to the point of overkill, but it’s a bit of a concept album in that sense.

Sankey and Warmsley began making music together as a lark, pretending to be a Swedish band on their myspace page. Now they take themselves only slightly more seriously, making an album that’s an homage to being a SoCal teenager in the 80’s — complete with the beachfront Bud Dry keg stand cover art.

“Down” is the latest video from the album, and is obviously quite timely with its halloween house party visuals. Also note that its composed entirely of animated gifs:

If that’s got you intrigued, you can enjoy a full preview of the album courtesy of guardianuk:

A video for the lead track, “Better Off Without You,” was released over the summer and brings to life the Welcome to Condale universe in all its hipstamatic glory:


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