noel gallagher 'aka… what a life!' video & 'let the lord shine a light on me' b-side


Pardon us for being excited about Noel Gallagher‘s solo debut, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Out in the US November 8th on Noel’s own Sour Mash Records, the album seems to be a return to classic britpop without the baggage and constraints of Oasis.

In a couple weeks, “AKA… What a Life!” will be released as a single. It’s about as anti-Oasis as Noel can get, with a propulsive beat and house piano. The video, released yesterday, is a continuation of “The Death of You and Me” video — which you can see further below. Enjoy the extended version with a cameo from Russell Brand. The song doesn’t actually kick in until the 3:35 mark:

The b-side for the single release is “Let the Lord Shine a Light on Me,” which has a slow “Champagne Supernova” buildup and some unexpected soulful backup vocals:

If you’re interested in the prequel to the “AKA… What a Life!” video, here’s the aforementioned clip for “The Death of You and Me”:

He may not be John Lennon, but that Noel is genius in his own way. Read this for a fascinating look at one of the greatest personalities in rock music today.


One thought on “noel gallagher 'aka… what a life!' video & 'let the lord shine a light on me' b-side

  1. jb3

    The b-side is kind of Gas Panicky. I’m interested to listen to the rest of this solo joint. He is without a doubt superior to Beady Eye all by his lonesome. I had it in my head that he’d write and play some of these tunes behind guest singers like Rick Ashcroft. But this will be pretty cool. I think it will take some getting used to as well!

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