stream new future islands album 'on the water'

I recently had a conversation with friends about the subjective desire to discover new music. The discussion centered around the fact that many of our peers have “given up” and don’t bother listening to anything recorded after say, 1995. Whether born of laziness, prejudice or complacency, there seems to be a point for most people when musical consciousness stops.

As for me, I will always return to my touchstones, but my ADD requires a constant influx of new and exciting. And bands like Baltimore’s Future Islands are exactly what stir my primal thrill of discovery.

In Evening Air was among my favorites of last year, and On The Water is one of my more anticipated releases this year. Due out next Tuesday on Thrill Jockey, it’s a slightly more mature, dour take on the gruff new romanticism of Future Islands.

Lead singer Sam Herring still growls and wails in a way that makes him an acquired taste, but this time around the imaginative electronic sounds of Gerrit Welmers and the Peter Hook bass of William Cashion gently wash over you rather than wallop you to the ground.

NPR has the entire album stream — see if On The Water catches your fancy, too. Reference the track list below and listen for Wye Oak‘s Jenn Wasner on “The Great Fire”:

On The Water track list:

  1. On the Water
  2. Before the Bridge
  3. The Great Fire
  4. Open
  5. Where I Found You
  6. Give Us the Wind
  7. Close to None
  8. Balance
  9. Tybee Island
  10. Grease

Grab “Before The Bridge” via the burning ear:

Future Islands – Before The Bridge


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