justice 'audio, video, disco' album stream


The new album from French duo Justice is set for release October 25th. Audio, Video, Disco is a calculated risk, opting for more organic sounds in the follow up to the festival anthem electronica of .

A couple of leaks on soundcloud and grooveshark have come and gone, but we’ve tracked down every song — with the exception of the very brief “Canon (Interlude).” These are gathered from various sources (thanks audiocred) and could be yanked at any moment:

UPDATE – As expected, most of the youtube streams were flagged. Reference the individual tracks for “Ohio,” “On’n’on” and “Helix” at the end of the post, but here’s a single track upload to hear the entire album:

  1. Horsepower – 0:00
  2. Civilization – 3:38
  3. Ohio – 7:17
  4. Canon (primo) – 11:19
  5. Canon – 11:46
  6. On’n’on – 15:25
  7. Brianvision – 19:56
  8. Parade – 23:06
  9. Newlands – 27:08
  10. Audio – 31:22
  11. Helix – 36:16





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