download rare r.e.m. demo

The breakup of R.E.M. has predictably sparked renewed interest in the original indie band. A greatest hits collection, Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage: 1982-2011, will be released in November, and this week some rare demos hit the interwebs.

The Power of Independent Trucking blog dusted off and restored R.E.M.‘s first cassette demo from 1981. Featuring the original mixes of “Radio Free Europe,” “Sitting Still” and “White Tornado” produced by Mitch Easter, the 6-track cassette was duped about 400 times and sent to labels, press and booking agents.

Get the full history here, and download the whole thing here (FLAC).

If you’d rather just have a listen, slicingupeyeballs has uploaded “Radio Free Europe” and I’ve posted “Sitting Still.” Enjoy:

R.E.M. – Sitting Still


One thought on “download rare r.e.m. demo

  1. Jesse Hopkins

    To me, the superiority of the Mitch Easter version of Radio Free Europe has less to do with Easter’s treatment of the song than the raw intensity and lockstep rhythm of the band’s performance.

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