nyc's violens debut two new songs


Violens impressed with their taught, fully formed debut last year. Over the past several months, the band has been gradually posting new tracks on their website that appear to be leading up to a second release. The new material continues Violens’ new romantic bent, but has a slightly more relaxed, organic feel in contrast to the high gloss polish of Amoral.

“Through The Window” has some lovely chiming new wave guitar, but the vocal delivery owes more to the shoegaze of say the Pale Saints:

“No Look On Your Face” — which is offered as a free download by the way — is a far poppier number, but the chugging guitar lick is eventually accompanied by some nice My Bloody Valentine guitar bends:

Looking forward to the final package, as these guys don’t seem to be capable of writing a bad song.


2 thoughts on “nyc's violens debut two new songs

  1. Pate

    Thanks for turning me on to these guys, Davey! I got to see them on vacation in NY in August… not much of a crowd but still a good show.

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