radiohead perform 6 songs on colbert report


Last night, Radiohead followed up their triumphant Saturday Night Live debut with a visit to the Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert’s pseudo-right-wing persona was the perfect foil to the tree-hugging, anti-corporate platform of Thom and the guys.

Below, you can check out a couple of chat segments plus the 6 songs performed on the Colbert set — the latter three are web exclusives. The material is drawn mostly from The King Of Limbs, but there is the new track “The Daily Mail” and the Kid A classic “The National Anthem.” Enjoy.

The introductions:

Chat on global warming:

“Little By Little”:


“The Daily Mail”:

“The National Anthem”:

“Morning Mr. Magpie”:


If you want to watch the whole episode in full, stream it here.


One thought on “radiohead perform 6 songs on colbert report

  1. Jake

    Has Danny seen this yet? I know he didn’t like TKOL, but I think hearing and seeing it live (like this performance and their ‘From the basement” series) would change his mind.

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