'be around' unreleased track from cant & twin shadow


CANT, the side project of Grizzly Bear bassist Chris Taylor, released Dreams Come True last week. It’s pretty sonically adventurous — to varying degrees of success.

One of the album’s leftovers has been floated out there via Dossier Journal. “Be Around” was written with the help of Twin Shadow‘s George Lewis, Jr. and it certainly has a different flavor, as Taylor admits:

“It was something I was working with for the album that didn’t fit, so I completely deconstructed it and put a whole new thing around it. Its fun—it was actually randomly the first thing George and I started working on when I started the album

…But now it actually has nothing to do with that original song. The only thing that’s the same is the drum beat, which is like a house beat, but I really like the tempo of it—the feeling of relentlessness about it. It’s a pretty tough track; it’s definitely a more straightforward sound then anything else on the record.”

I kinda wish the rest of the album was a little more like this:

CANT — Be Around

(via stereogum)


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