new singles from the raveonettes and brmc for 'batman: arkham city'


The Raveonettes have followed up their excellent album Raven In The Grave with the single “Oh, Stranger.” The new song is part of the soundtrack to the video game Batman: Arkham City.

The Ravenottes Sune Rose Wagner told Spinner:

“None of us are really gamers but I certainly used to be when I was younger so I definitely wrote with that in mind. You dive into it with the project in mind and try to make the music fit your idea of what the images will be.”

Listening to the dark, synth-heavy tune, you can definitely picture yourself cruising in the Batmobile looking for trouble:

For more of The Raveonettes current 80’s influenced sound, check out the creepy video for “Apparitions” from Raven In The Grave:

The soundtrack also features ††† (Crosses), A Place To Bury Strangers and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The latter contributed the slowly churning, atmospheric “Stranger On The Run”:

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club — Stranger On The Run

And if you care about the actual game at all, here’s the trailer:


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