wilco 'the whole love' preview + tweedy covers black eyed peas


Full disclosure — I haven’t really been a Wilco fan since 2002’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. After that album, they kind of lost me..  and I got sucked into the new wave/post punk revival.

Word on the street is new album The Whole Love, which will be released September 27th on their own dBpm imprint, is a “return to form.” When the album streamed on the Wilco website last weekend, longtime fans were positively giddy — which bodes well for the casual fan like me.

Today, the video for lead single “Born Alone” was released. The montage of musical and pop art visuals ramps up with the driving tempo of the song:

The epic album opener is “Art Of Almost,” which seems to begin as an homage to their reputation as the “American Radiohead” and builds to a fuzzed out freak out:

About a month ago, Wilco previewed “I Might.” It’s a bit of a throwaway, but hangs its hat on fuzz bass and twinkling keys:

Speaking of throwaways, frontman Jeff Tweedy made a recent appearance at a Chicago club for the book release of The Fucking Epic Twitter Quest Of @MayorEmanuel. Check it out as he regales the crowd with a choice version of the Black Eyed Peas ubiquitous party jam “I Gotta Feeling”:

(via timeoutchicago)

Wilco are on tour now, with US dates scheduled into October and once again in December after a brief European side trip.


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