download 'aka…what a life!' from noel gallagher


Noel Gallagher‘s solo debut, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, keeps looking better and better. Previous single “The Death Of You And Me” and its b-side, “The Good Rebel,” were promising — if on the expected side. Now Noel has announced the second single, “AKA…What A Life!”

It’ll be released digitally next week and on CD and vinyl 7″ with new b-side “Let The Lord Shine A Light On Me” on October 17th. The track is a welcome departure from tried and true britpop and tips the scales ever so slightly toward Noel’s collaborations with the Chemical Brothers, “Setting Sun” and “Let Forever Be.”

Listen for yourself:

(UPDATE: download link is dead, but here’s a streaming version)

“AKA…What A Life!” also debuted over the weekend in the UK in an ad for car maker Vauxhall, which sponsors the English National Team. See if this doesn’t give you chills:

For one more taste of the album, here’s “If I Had A Gun,” which surfaced last week and carries on the Oasis legacy:


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