more new noel: 'if I had a gun'


I don’t know about you, but I think Noel is kicking Liam‘s ass. While Beady Eye‘s debut came and went, the advance looks at Noel’s solo album, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, are quite positive.

We’ve already enjoyed the britpop pomp of lead single “The Death Of You And Me,” and the laid back stomp of b-side “The Good Rebel.”

Now comes “If I Had A Gun,” probably the most Oasis-y track yet. Get ready to hold your cell phone in the air:

(via kroq & somekindofawesome)

One can only assume that if Noel had a gun, he’d consider using it on his brother. Despite Noel’s recent apology regarding comments he made on the Oasis split, Liam is still hell bent on suing his brother for libel.

Meanwhile, Liam commented during Beady Eye’s set at last weekend’s Reading Festival that Noel was playing a “fucking acoustic guitar” somewhere else on the grounds. Nice one.


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