a word on twitter

Yesterday I committed twittercide. In a few short months, I had gathered a healthy following of 700 or so. Most were crap bands trying to suck up. Some were followers of the local radio station I work for, who quickly realized they weren’t interested in my narrowly appealing music tweets. A few were porn bots or other spam. And some were other blogs who either enjoyed following me or more likely felt guilted into following me back.

I, however, followed every music label, blog, magazine, band and artist I found even remotely interesting. Pretty soon I was over 1000 followed and my feed became a constantly updating wall of noise.

I thought I would be able to stay on top of everything, but instead I couldn’t keep up with anything. Ignore it for 5 minutes and I’d have 237 tweets to scan through.

I finally decided it wasn’t worth it. I wasn’t getting the information I wanted, lost in that 140-character cacophony. And as my site stats proved, twitter blasting was not generating any traffic. I was contributing to the noise.

So if you like twitter, I encourage you to retweet anytime you visit the blog.. we need all the help we can get. As for my brief twitter career,  it’s been carried away by that big whale stretcher in the sky.


I’ve decided to waffle on my decision. @oldwaver is once again active, but I have reconsidered how to use it. I realized I was trying to do too much with a single account. I was representing the blog as well as myself, both personally and professionally. Plus, I was following everyone of interest — beyond the scope of the blog — including many courtesy follow-backs.

So, moving forward @oldwaver is strictly a vehicle for readers to follow the blog, and for me to follow bands and labels relevant to the blog. That’s it. So if you follow me, don’t worry about random Dallas Mavericks tweets junking up your feed. I’ll save those editorial comments for another account on another day.


One thought on “a word on twitter

  1. Brett Gaddy

    you should consider using “lists” and tweetdeck. i have my tweetdeck columns divided into different sections (ticket, music, tech, bands, venues, news, etc…) and i only put the ones i really want to read in these lists and take the overtweeters off, i always have the “all friends” column if i’m really bored. just a thought- i’m not sure why i’m trying to convince you to stick with twitter

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