omd — live in berlin


As an old waver, I have responsibilities and other lame excuses to keep me from leading a totally kickass life. Case in point, several months ago Peter Murphy and Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark were both playing my town the same weekend. I couldn’t see both.. I had to choose.

Fellow old wavers lobbied for one or the other, but I ultimately went with the godfather of goth. It was a good show and I was pleased with my choice, until I heard how incredible the OMD show was. Lively, engaging, a great mix of the old and new — plus, Andy McCluskey still dances like Molly Ringwald.

Fortunately, the History Of Modern tour is making it back to the US so I can correct my mistake. Or I could just go with The History Of Modern Tour: Live In Berlin CD book. Released last week through the band’s website, it’s a limited edition that features a recording of the November 18, 2010 show at Tempodrom Berlin, exclusive photos, handwritten notes, a selection of lyrics and more.

For a taste of the live album, here’s the History Of Modern title track (part 1):

(via slicingupeyeballs)

To get a better idea of what the experience at an OMD show is like, here’s “New Babies, New Toys” from the New York City Terminal 5 show back in March:

Don’t worry, oldies like “Enola Gay” and “Electricity” are well represented too. Check out the full The History Of Modern Tour: Live In Berlin track list:

  1. History of Modern (part III & IV)
  2. New Babies: New Toys
  3. Messages
  4. Tesla Girls
  5. Bunker Soldiers
  6. History of Modern (part I)
  7. (Forever) Live and Die
  8. She’s Leaving
  9. Souvenir
  10. Joan of Arc
  11. Maid of Orleans
  12. New Holy Ground
  13. Green
  14. Locomotion
  15. Sister Marie Says
  16. Pandoras
  17. Sailing on the Seven Seas
  18. Enola Gay
  19. If You Want It
  20. Electricity

2 thoughts on “omd — live in berlin

  1. Kent Butabi

    I’ve seen the Peter several times and he is really hit or miss in my opinion. He’s one of those artists that won’t necessarily play his hits. I’m a big enough fan to enjoy any Murphy show, but honestly I kind of want to hear some CUTS YOU UP. Sue me.

    OMD in Atlanta, GA was freaking incredible. I saw my favorite band of all time two weeks later (nameless) and they could not hold a candle to OMD’s performance. Simply incredible.

    Love your site, but don’t make that mistake again and tell us or I’ll have to delete you from my favorites. 🙂

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