preview the rapture's 'in the grace of your love'


Back in 2003, The Rapture were that band with the cowbell before LCD Soundsystem became that band with the cowbell. Echoes was a masterful blend of punk, electro and new wave that broke new ground while sounding completely familiar.

Since then, they released the underrated Pieces Of The People We Love in 2006 and split with bassist/sometimes singer Mattie Safer in 2009. It seemed debatable whether they’d ever be heard from again.

Well, come September 5th The Rapture are back in a big way with the release of In The Grace Of Your Love on DFA. They remain a trio with Luke Jenner now handling all the vocals, multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Andruzzi adding bass to his repertoire, and drummer Vito Roccoforte pulling it all together. Their sound continues to grow more organic with plenty of gospel references, as the album title indicates.

We’re pretty excited, so we located as many tracks from the album as we could to provide an in depth preview. There’s some amazing low end throughout the album, so play these on a good set of speakers if you can.

Album opener “Sail Away” is reassuring with its disco beat, yet intriguing with its extended coda:

“Blue Bird” tests Jenner’s falsetto and features a driving guitar line:

“Come Back To Me” is an early favorite.. make sure you stay with it for the breakdown at the 2:50 mark:

The album’s title track is an instant classic. Jenner sings “heaven don’t want you dead” over staccato guitar and a synth that sails off into the ether:

And of course, there’s the house piano driven single “How Deep Is Your Love?”:


If you’re as fired up as I am, you might not be satisfied. You’re in luck, as you can enjoy a stream of the whole album thanks to the Guardian UK:


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