download 'balance' from future islands

Baltimore’s Future Islands release their third album, the second for Chicago indie Thrill Jockey, on October 11th.

On The Water will have to be pretty damn good to overshadow last year’s In Evening Air, but the first glimpses of the album are promising. Samuel T. Herring’s gruff vocals and William Cashion’s prominent basslines are still the heroes, but the band continues to strive for new synth textures.

Check out the wicked keyboard sound in the latest single “Balance”:

Download “Balance” and “Before The Bridge” for free with the arrow icon on the right side of the players. The latter was released back in July and its accompanying video is beautifully shot using glass reflections to stunning effect:

Herring’s voice may be an aquired taste, but allow it to sink in and marvel at some of the ballsiest synthpop you’ll ever hear.


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