stream new lp from stephen malkmus


Matador will release Stephen Malkmus‘ fourth “solo” album next week. Mirror Traffic was produced by Beck, who provides a bit of focus to the former Pavement frontman’s more noodly tendencies with The Jicks.

Initial single, “Senator,” showed he hasn’t lost his snarky edge — and even created some viral attention with a contest to find an FCC-friendly lyric for “blowjob.”

Now, the entire album is available for streaming via NPR. You can hear the Beck influence with the album’s crisp starkness and moody reverb. Check out “Tigers,” “Spazz,” “Tune Grief” and “Forever 28” for the most typical post-Pavement Malkmus sound:

Mirror Traffic track list:

  1. Tigers
  2. No One (Is As I Are Be)
  3. Senator
  4. Brain Gallop
  5. Jumblegloss
  6. Asking Price
  7. Stick Figures In Love
  8. Spazz
  9. Long Hard Book
  10. Share The Red
  11. Tune Grief
  12. Forever 28
  13. All Over Gently
  14. Fall Away
  15. Gorgeous George

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