download new st. vincent single 'surgeon'

Singer-songwriter Annie Clark, or St. Vincent, will release her third album, Strange Mercy, on 4AD September 13th.

The label had the clever (or annoying) idea to have fans tweet “#strangemercy” 4,000 times to “unlock” the first track from the album. It took four days, but today “Surgeon” was made available as a free download.

It continues the evolution of Clark’s chamber pop influenced sound. “Surgeon” still incorporates strings, but it also features an electronic sheen and quirky guitar line that eventually gives way to an oscillating wall of sound:

St. Vincent – Surgeon

You can right click to download, or head to the Strange Mercy page to grab it there, as well as watch several teaser videos. Or stick around here and watch “Actor Out Of Work” from 2009’s Actor:

Here’s the full Strange Mercy track list:

  1. Chloe in the Afternoon
  2. Cruel
  3. Cheerleader
  4. Surgeon
  5. Northern Lights
  6. Strange Mercy
  7. Neutered Fruit
  8. Champagne Year
  9. Dilettante
  10. Hysterical Strength
  11. Year of the Tiger

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