charlatans 'the only one I know' factory floor remix

As we mentioned yesterday, filmmaker David Lynch recently teamed with Interpol to release a new video for the song “Lights.” Lynch also has started a charitable music label, DLF Music.

It’s a lovely idea that gives artists (such as Ben Folds, Iggy Pop, Dave Stewart and Peter Gabriel) an opportunity to essentially donate their music to charity. Here’s the official lowdown:

“This intern-fueled non-profit organization assures that the funds raised from music sales go directly to the charitable programs and not on support staff.

DLF Music is currently inviting select artists to donate previously unreleased, exclusive audio tracks for our music archive. These unreleased tracks could be a new track, an unreleased master, an outtake from a prior release, a live recording or even a remix.”

Check out the full Download For Good list here. The track we’re most interested in is the Factory Floor remix of The Charlatans classic “The Only One I Know.” It takes the Madchester hedonism of the original and turns it into meditative, Far East flavored psychedelia:

Pretty cool, although you really can’t improve on perfection:


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