watch radiohead tkol 'from the basement'

Over the weekend, Radiohead‘s latest From The Basement performance for the BBC premiered. It will air in the US on the Palladia network July 23rd, but you can watch it here right now — at least until the BBC has it taken down (UPDATE – it was taken down, but Radiohead has posted an official version).

The set includes the entire The King Of Limbs album, plus new tracks “Staircase” and “The Daily Mail,” the latter of which you can also hear in the player below the track list:

From The Basement track list:

  1. 0:58 Bloom
  2. 07:27 Daily Mail
  3. 11:38 Feral
  4. 15:05 Little by Little
  5. 20:17 Codex
  6. 26:01 Separator
  7. 32:13 Lotus Flower
  8. 37:41 Staircase
  9. 42:55 Morning, Mr. Magpie
  10. 48:30 Give up the Ghost

“The Daily Mail” is a slow burner that starts off as a Thom piano ballad and turns into a horn accented stomp:

If you’ll recall, Radiohead did the same bit for In Rainbows. Here’s that broadcast in the event you have more time to kill:


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