robert smith covers john martyn's 'small hours'

After reuniting the classic Cure lineup for a pair of Australian festival shows and guesting on the latest album by The Japanese Popstars, Robert Smith has contributed a cover song to a new tribute album.

Johnny Boy Would Love This celebrates the late UK singer-songwriter John Martyn. Due for release August 16th, it features the likes of Beck, Beth Orton and Snow Patrol in addition to Robert Smith.

Smith’s cover of “Small Hours” debuted today on BBC Radio 6 and was captured by the preeminent blog for fans of The Cure, Chain Of Flowers. Have a listen:

(via slicingupeyeballs)

Smith said of the song “I first heard ‘Small Hours’ on the John Peel Show late in 1977 and fell instantly in love with it… ‘One World’ very quickly became my favourite John Martyn album… And these beautiful songs were, are and always will be an inspiration and an enchantment.”

To get a sense of why a young Robert Smith was so captivated, here’s a 1978 performance of “Small Hours” by the man himself:


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