radiohead 'little by little' and 'lotus flower' remixes

While I was busy cracking brews to celebrate our independence, Radiohead released the first in a series of 12″ remixes from The King Of Limbs.

The a-side is a Caribou rework of “Little By Little.” It’s barely recognizable, but it does have Dan Snaith’s trademark low end sound:

The b-side is “Lotus Flower” as remixed by Jacques Greene. The keyboard sound is nice, but the chopped vocals are a bit much:

See, TKOL could have been weirder. If you dig these remixes, you can download them from the band for just $2.25 — or spring for the vinyl at $19.80.

As the band’s blog says “more 12″ remixes will be released every couple of weeks over the summer until we run out of remixes… or summer. On the next one we’ve got Nathan Fake (Morning Mr Magpie) and remixes of Bloom by Mark Pritchard.”

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the new Radiohead tune “Staircase” that debuted on From The Basement — and click here to see “Bloom” from their secret set at Glastonbury.


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