preview ladytron 'gravity the seducer'

Liverpool synthpop act Ladytron recently released a career retrospective, Best Of 00-10. This September, they’ll release fifth album, Gravity The Seducer, on Nettwerk.

Thanks to the label, we can offer you a lovely little preview of the album. First up is the downtempo jam “Ambulance”…  stick with it for the big finish:

“White Elephant” is a bit more uplifting with massive swells of strings and some Abba-esque harmonies:

And if you missed it when the ‘best of’ came out, here’s “Ace Of Hz” which will also appear on Gravity The Seducer:


One thought on “preview ladytron 'gravity the seducer'

  1. Greg

    Can't wait — people may be interested to know that White Elephant is available as a free Mp3 download from Amazon for the time being — not sure how long that will last…

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