download: old waver june mix tape

It’s that time of the month again.. the Old Waver blog cycle has produced another mix tape. Our April mix tape is still going strong, but May hasn’t fared quite as well. Such are the whims of the interwebs I suppose.

This month we come back strong with brand new Radiohead, the return of The Rapture, and Vince Clarke remixing his old buds in Depeche Mode, among others. Download or stream it below — and check out January, February and March if you’ve got the time to kill.

Please listen and purchase what you like.. this mix is a single track intended for sampling purposes only.

old waver june 2011 mix tape (93MB file)


  1. Staircase (Live From the Basement) — Radiohead
  2. Before The Bridge — Future Islands
  3. The Bay — Metronomy
  4. Quantum Leap — John Maus
  5. Amor Fati — Washed Out
  6. Take Forever (feat. Robert Smith) — The Japanese Popstars
  7. Behind the Wheel (Vince Clarke Remix) — Depeche Mode
  8. Post Physical — Pictureplane
  9. Wait In The Dark — Memory Tapes
  10. Far Nearer — Jamie xx
  11. How Deep Is Your Love? — The Rapture
  12. Wild Palms — Sun Airway
  13. Itchy Fingers — Junior Boys
  14. Hits Me Like A Rock (feat. Bobby Gillespie) — CSS
  15. Utopia — Yacht

streaming version:


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