'head for the country' video, free john maus mp3s

Austin, Minnesota native John Maus releases his third album next week, brazenly titled We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves.

Often associated with the Ariel Pink DIY scene, Maus has his own throwback sound going. His heavily reverbed baritone drone may recall Ian Curtis a bit, and his hollow electronic sound is reminiscent of early industrial pioneers Cabaret Voltaire.

The video for current single “Head For The Country” has plenty of appropriately spacey imagery, and a nod to Robocop:

(via gvsb)

If you want some kickass handclaps and a killer bassline, check out “Quantum Leap”:

More deliberate and epic is the anthemic “Believer”:

You can download the previous two tracks if you like. Here’s the full We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves track list:

  1. Streetlight
  2. Quantum Leap
  3. …And the Rain
  4. Hey Moon
  5. Keep Pushing On
  6. The Crucifix
  7. Head For the Country
  8. Cop Killer
  9. Matter of Fact
  10. We Can Breakthrough
  11. Believer

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