new radiohead song 'staircase' from the basement

So what have Radiohead been up to since the release of The King Of Limbs? There was that record store day 12″, but other than that they’ve been relatively quiet.

Today, we get a peek at a live performance from the band for an upcoming BBC broadcast. In the latest edition of producer Nigel Godrich’s From The Basement series due to air July 1st, Radiohead will perform The King Of Limbs in its entirety — plus the following previously unreleased song.

This clip of “Staircase” shows the band has been busy growing their hair out, with the exception of drummer Phil Selway who is joined by Portishead drummer Clive Deamer. The keyboard laced track is a little one-note, but it does have a nice groove that’s accentuated by the dual percussion:

Will the blogosphere be satisfied by this offering?


One thought on “new radiohead song 'staircase' from the basement

  1. Jesse

    Great song. Why wasn't that on The King of Limbs? It's better than anything else on the record.

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