belle and sebastian 'I didn't see it coming' video

Glasgow twee pop stars Belle and Sebastian have given a couple of tracks from last year’s Write About Love the remix treatment.

A colored vinyl 12″ will be released July 26 on Matador in the US with reworks of “I Didn’t See It Coming” and “Come On Sister.”

A video for the former was debuted today, featuring animation by Glasgow artist Lesley Barnes. It accompanies the “Richard X” remix of the track, which is described as “what B&S would sound like if Limahl was their biggest influence.” Nice:

Last week, B&S released a video for the remix of “Come On Sister” that shows the grim existence of the band when they’re not living the rock ‘n roll dream:

Like the fresh takes on the B&S sound. And Stuart looks so butch in a hard hat.

Here’s the full Come On Sister 12” Track Listing:

Come On Sister (Tony Doogan mix)
I Didn’t See It Coming (Richard X mix)
I Didn’t See It Coming (Cold Cave mix)
Blue Eyes of a Millionaire (Album version)


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