moz debuts three unreleased songs on bbc radio

Our favorite miserable wretch, Morrissey, once again finds himself without a record label. As he posted on a fan site several weeks ago, “The follow-up to Years Of Refusal is ready and fluttering wildly against the bars. There is still no record label and the years shuffle like cards.”

Today, he debuted three new songs — presumably from the unreleased record — on the BBC Radio 2 Janice Long show. The songs are live studio versions that were recorded for the program last week.

First is a traditional Morrissey lament about death entitled “Action Is My Middle Name”:

Next is a muscular rocker in the mold of much of his later work that deals with more typical Moz subject matter — why is everyone else so terrible? Here’s “People Are The Same Everywhere”:

Finally, “The Kid’s A Looker” is a Morrissey narrative that takes obvious shots at the X-Factoring of the music industry:

In all, pretty good and shows he’s still vital. Here’s hoping someone is willing to put up with him enough to get this record out. Until then, pick up these mp3s at youaintnopicasso.


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