bizarre 'yes I know' video from memory tapes

Memory Tapes, the alias of New Jersey producer Dayve Hawk, will release second album Player Piano July 5th on Carpark.

While debut Seek Magic was more chillwave/bedroom pop, the new record has a more fleshed out sound while dialing back the dance rhythms.

This is evident in the moody single “Yes I Know,” but the song almost takes a back seat to the bizarre video. Watch in disbelief as the subject of the film gradually disappears before your eyes:

I find myself looking forward to exploring the new direction of Memory Tapes. The more I hear, the more I like. Here’s “Wait In The Dark”:

“Today Is Our Life” has an old school joyousness that’s reminiscent of Toro y Moi:

Good stuff. Check out the full track list for Player Piano:

  1. Musicbox (In)
  2. Wait In the Dark
  3. Today is Our Life
  4. Yes I Know
  5. Offers
  6. Humming
  7. Sunhits
  8. Worries
  9. Fell Thru Ice
  10. Fell Thru Ice II
  11. Trance Sisters
  12. Musicbox (Out)

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