'it's all true' junior boys album premiere

Canada’s Junior Boys have always intrigued me, but never hooked me. Their oftentimes loungey electropop was just a little too laid back.

With the release of It’s All True next month, they look to rise in my rotation. It maintains the Junior Boys’ crystalline production and restrained vocals, but there’s a greater sense of urgency.

Opener “Itchy Fingers” sets the tone with rapid fire sequencers and a globular bass line. It’s the kind of song I’ve always wanted to hear from them.

“A Truly Happy Ending,” “Second Chance” and the epic 9:15 “Banana Ripple” produce similar highs. With such dynamic tracks to look forward to, the pacing of slower jams like “Playtime” and “ep” go down easier.

Stream the whole thing here and see if you don’t agree that the Junior Boys’ fourth album gets their sound absolutely right:

(via hypem)


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