download: old waver may mix tape

So it wasn’t early this time, but hopefully it’s worth the wait. It seems our April mix tape was well received, and this was another great month for new music.

We had to include The Horrors and New Order, but there are plenty of other treasures worth discovering in there. Download or stream it below — and don’t forget to check out January, February and March, too.

Please listen and purchase what you like.. this mix is a single track intended for sampling purposes only.

old waver may 2011 mix tape (82MB file)


  1. Still Life – The Horrors
  2. Albatross – Wild Beasts
  3. Emergency Room – Ford & Lopatin
  4. Eyes Be Closed – Washed Out
  5. Blue Cassette – Friendly Fires
  6. Fairlight – Com Truise
  7. Beat And The Pulse – Austra
  8. French Exit – The Antlers
  9. Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix) – Depeche Mode
  10. 2 Hearts – Digitalism
  11. Joshua – The Japanese Popstars (feat. Tom Smith)
  12. Oh My God – Cults
  13. Hope – Boris
  14. Hellbent – New Order
  15. Private Caller – Sondre Lerche
  16. True Loves – Hooray for Earth

streaming version:


One thought on “download: old waver may mix tape

  1. Kenn

    You can hear the evolution of the 80s revisited move toward the end of the decade.

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