tom vek 'world of doubt' video

Reclusive English multi-instrumentalist Tom Vek returns with Leisure Seizure June 6 via Island Records.

A second video was released this week in advance of the album. “World Of Doubt” is anchored with a thick guitar riff and sees Vek adopt a James Murphy style, almost spoken delivery. The video features hot indie models and their bass-blown hair:

This follows the more upbeat lead single, “A Chore,” and its more elaborate Ollie Evans directed video:

If you dig that track, here’s a re-edit Vek did apparently just for grins:

The full tracklist for Leisure Seizure:

  1. Hold Your Hand
  2. Aroused
  3. A Chore
  4. We Do Nothing
  5. World of Doubt
  6. Seizemic
  7. A.P.O.L.O.G.Y
  8. Someone Loves You
  9. Close Mic’ed
  10. On A Plate
  11. You Need to Work Your Heart Out
  12. Too Bad

One thought on “tom vek 'world of doubt' video

  1. Mike @TrackeachDay

    I love Tom Vek in all sorts of ways, I think the new video is a little disappointing, but I'm loving the remix of A Chore you posted, hadn't heard it before.

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