arcade fire bonus tracks 'speaking in tongues' & 'culture war'

The deluxe edition of Arcade Fire‘s Grammy winning The Suburbs will be released August 2nd. Among its bells and whistles, a DVD of the Spike Jonze short Scenes From The Suburbs, an extended version of “Wasted Hours (A Life That We Can Live)” and the two tracks you can hear below.

The BBC’s Zane Lowe debut them on his radio show today, and listenbeforeyoubuy was quick to rip them to the web.

“Speaking In Tongues” is the well publicized collaboration with David Byrne. Perhaps collaboration is the wrong word, as his presence is only really felt near the end:

“Culture War” is as maudlin as you’d expect and Arcade Fire song entitled “Culture War” to be:

I can’t believe Arcade Fire was shut out at the Billboard Music Awards last night. Does a Grammy mean nothing to you people?

Just kidding…  I mean look at this list of winners. Makes me feel delightfully out of touch. 


One thought on “arcade fire bonus tracks 'speaking in tongues' & 'culture war'

  1. Harold Metzger

    Hmm. I can see why neither of the tracks made it onto The Suburbs, and I hope they're not incorporated into the current track order when it's re-released. That being said, Speaking in Tongues is much stronger, but I am so over Byrne's voice—I wish it weren't there. The Billboard award-winners seem to be right along the lines that the Grammy complainers were looking for. Fine with me! It is just an industry sales rag.

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