stream boris 'attention please' in full

Not gonna lie, the only thing I knew about Boris is they’re from Japan. I’ve known of them, thanks to a friend who lost part of an ear at one of their shows, but never really got into them.

Now, thanks to NPR, I have a slightly better understanding of this mysterious import from the far east.

First Listen is offering up a stream of Attention Please, one of four Boris releases this spring. Of the other three, two are Japanese-only releases and the other, Heavy Rocks, is much heavier (go figure) with guest appearances from The Cult‘s Ian Astbury, among others.

Attention Please showcases the more diverse musical interests outside of Boris’ hardcore punk and metal roots. There are elements of shoegaze, glam and even pop on the album, which features the breathy vocals of guitarist Wata.

Stream it here and reference the tracklist below. “Hope” alone makes me wonder what I’ve been missing all this time:

  1. Attention Please
  2. Hope
  3. Party Boy
  4. See You Next Week
  5. Tokyo Wonder Land
  6. You
  7. Aileron
  8. Les Paul Custom ‘86
  9. Spoon
  10. Hand in Hand

As with any cult band, getting in late on Boris is intimidating — and with 19 albums over the last 15 years, getting up to speed is a daunting task. However, Attention Please has certainly gained my attention and enticed me to discover more.


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