unreleased new order on new 'best of' compilation

If you don’t already own New Order‘s Substance and/or Singles and/or The Best Of, hang on — there’s another repackaging on the way.

Total: From Joy Division To New Order will be released June 6 in the UK on Rhino Records. As slicingupeyeballs points out, this is the first commercial release to combine Joy Division and New Order material. It culls the most recognizable Joy Division tracks and pairs them with a selection of a-side New Order singles spanning from “Ceremony” to “Krafty” — see the full tracklist below.

The big news here though, is the inclusion of the previously unreleased New Order song “Hellbent.” Speculation is it could be a leftover from the Waiting For The Sirens’ Call sessions. 

(UPDATE: Stream “Hellbent” here)

While we all wait to find out, here are a couple of the aforementioned New Order singles, “Fine Time” and “Regret.” Who remembers this ridiculous video?

Here’s the full tracklist for Total: From Joy Division To New Order:

  1. Transmission (Joy Division FAC 13 7” Single)
  2. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division FAC23 7” Single)
  3. Isolation (Joy Division FAC25 12” Album)
  4. She’s Lost Control (Joy Division FACUS2 12” Single)
  5. Atmosphere (Joy Division SS33002 7” Single)
  6. Ceremony (New Order FAC33 7” Single)
  7. Temptation (New Order FAC63 7” Single)
  8. Blue Monday (New Order FAC73 12” Single)
  9. Thieves Like Us (New Order FAC103 12” Single)
  10. The Perfect Kiss (New Order FAC123 7” Single)
  11. Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order FAC163 7” Single)
  12. True Faith (New Order FAC183 7” Single)
  13. Fine Time (New Order FAC223 7” Single)
  14. World In Motion (New Order FAC293 7” Single)
  15. Regret (New Order NUO1 7” Single)
  16. Crystal (New Order NUOCD8 CD Single)
  17. Krafty (New Order NUOX13 12” Single)
  18. Hellbent (Previously unreleased New Order track)


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