preview the self titled debut from cults

Little more than a year after posting their first demos on bandcamp, New York duo Cults are set to release their self titled debut on Columbia.

Cults are Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin, a couple of 21-year-old San Diegans studying film in New York City. The two began recording music in their spare time and posting it online for friends to hear. What followed was a mass of online buzz and a bidding war for their services.

As for what they do, think of the romantic bedroom pop of Beach House with a little bit of the surf rock influences of the Raveonettes thrown in. The first single, “Abducted,” offers a pretty good primer of their sound:

The vintage pop sweetness and surf rock style shows through more on “Most Wanted”:

“Oh My God” — which appeared in the Adult Swim 8 Singles 8 Weeks series — offers a nice groove with a shimmering melange of synths, organ and xylophone:

In a not-so-subtle reference to their name, “Go Outside” opens with a sample of cult leader Jim Jones:

Finally, wait for the dramatic payoff of “You Know What I Mean”:

Sounds like some nice, low-key summertime jams to me. For a band that is at once under-the-radar and over-hyped, Cults deliver a quite promising debut.

They’ve got a busy summer themselves, with a host of US tour dates including a stop at Lollapalooza. Not bad, considering last summer they were more or less a total mystery. Nice work, kids.


Listen to the full album via NPR:


  1. Abducted
  2. Go Out­side
  3. You Know What I Mean
  4. Most Wanted
  5. Walk at Night
  6. Never Heal Myself
  7. Oh My God
  8. Never Saw the Point
  9. Bad Things
  10. Bumper
  11. Rave On

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