jesus and mary chain 'automatic' out on vinyl

One of the seminal albums of my young waverdom is once again available on vinyl. Jesus And Mary Chain‘s 1989 album Automatic may be held beneath their first two classics, Psychocandy and Darklands, but it’s the one I remember best.

The Reid brothers wanted to move on from their formative sound — so much so, the following album was entitled Honey’s Dead, in reference to “Just Like Honey” — fully embracing drum machines and synth bass.

It’s understandable Creation-era fans were disallusioned at the time, but listen to “Blues From A Gun” and tell me it’s not epic:

And then there was “Head On” – probably better known as covered by The Pixies:

And for those who thought they had lost their edge, here’s a live performance of “Gimme Hell”:

So yeah, maybe it’s not JAMC’s masterwork, but Automatic is all right with me.

And just for fun, here’s a 1994 MTV Studios performance of “Reverence” from the also underrated and also just re-released on vinyl Honey’s Dead:


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