the cure to perform first three albums live

Colossal news for fans of The Cure. May 31 and June 1 at Sydney Opera House, Robert Smith and many original members will perform Three Imaginary Boys, Faith and Seventeen Seconds in their entirety.

The performances are part of the Vivid Live Festival, which will also feature sets from Aussies Cut Copy and Tame Impala — plus Spiritualized playing Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space. The festival, curated by Modular‘s Steve Pavlovic, will run from May 27 to June 5.

As for The Cure shows, estranged keyboardist Lol Tolhurst will return after 22 years to play along with Smith, bassist Simon Gallup, drummer Jason Cooper — and according to slicingupeyeballs, perhaps guitarist Porl Thompson and keyboardist Roger O’Donnell.

For those of us who can’t afford a flight to Sydney, The Cure “Reflections” will be filmed for future DVD release. Until then, here are “10:15 Saturday Night,” “Primary” and “A Forest” from the featured albums. Enjoy:


One thought on “the cure to perform first three albums live

  1. A.S. Swanski

    This has become a new trend: bands performing their oldest albums in their entirety, if possible with the original members. A friendly way to combine nostalgia with earning some easy money. More than often it concerns bands who had their artistic heights early in their career – The Cure is no exception in this respect. Seventeen Seconds is still stunningly beautiful.

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