shoegaze flashback: pale saints

Every now and then I get misty about the early 90’s. The pre-grunge innocence, the liberating lack of technology, my personal complete and total lack of responsibility.

Shoegaze, as much as new wave, soundtracked my life back then — and while heavy hitters like Ride, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine dominated the playlist, a few less celebrated bands worked their way into the rotation.

Pale Saints was one of those. They only put out three albums — and second album, 1992’s In Ribbons, is the only one I really remember — but they were brilliant. Tender, with the strong female presence of former Lush member Meriel Barham, but still able to create a menacing wall of sound, Pale Saints had a unique niche.

See if you recall the single “Throwing Back The Apple”:

My personal favorite is “Hunted,” here performed live in Brixton in 1991:

Such a simpler time. Oh well, I guess I’ll check my twitter.


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