new com truise track 'cathode girls'

New Jersey producer and synthpop nostalgist Com Truise is preparing to release his debut album, Galactic Melt, this summer on Ghostly.

Yesterday, he released a teaser EP, Fairlight, and today he leaked album track “Cathode Girls.” The latter is like four songs in one, with a couple of breaks, some New Order bass and plenty of amped up chillwave keyboard sounds:

As for the EP, the title track is much more focused on the 80’s aesthetic — and the accompanying video is an amusing time capsule of cassette tapes, VCRs and PCs in original Tron style:

The EP’s other two tracks show some variety in Com Truise’s approach. The more downtempo “Polyhurt” features a bass sound that splits the difference between New Order and The Cure:

“Beta Eyes” is a more glitchy, frenetic piece with a somewhat 8-bit vibe:

(via onethirtybpm)

If you like where this is going, check out where Com Truise has been. He’s offering up his debut EP, Cyanide Sisters, for free via his website. Galactic Melt is out July 5.


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