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magic! epic new clams casino video

Clams Casino? Isn’t that a clam on the half shell with breadcrumbs and bacon?

Why yes, it is — but it’s also the name of New Jersey based producer Michael Volpe, who will release a debut EP, Rainforest, on Tri Angle Records June 27. He’s best known for creating tracks and beats for hip hop artists, but as you’ll see in the video below, the dude can set a mood.

“Gorilla” is wobbly and fuzzed out like so much chillwave, but it’s got a sinister edge that works hilariously well with this Jamey Harley directed montage of David Copperfield’s finest hour:

(via gorillavsbear)

If you want more, and you can’t wait until June, Clams Casino has a free instrumental mixtape that highlights some of his hip hop production work, sans vocals. Thanks stereogum for that one.

Thank God David Copperfield is safe. He takes so many unnecessary risks.


stream my morning jacket, 'holdin on to that black metal'

My Morning Jacket’s 6th album, Circuital, is due out the end of May. Today, MMJ started streaming “Holdin On To That Black Metal” on their facebook page.

If you’re a fan of horns, falsetto and childrens’ choirs, then this is right up your alley:

Listening to that, and the title track below, it’s apparent that MMJ will never make It Still Moves or even Z again..  but Jim James is not one to stand still:

If you’re keen on that tune, download it for free by giving up your email address:

stream new beastie boys in full, not on a jam box

It’s been one stunt after another leading up to next week’s release of Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.

Saturday morning, the Beastie Boys streamed the whole album from a mic’ed up jam box in the middle of the Knicks logo at Madison Square Garden. Now, they’ve made a pristine, CD quality stream available so you can truly take in their big comeback:

And for good measure, here’s the full, uncensored version of Fight For Your Right – Revisited, in case it’s eluded you:

sick video for salem's 'sick'

And by ‘sick’ I mean either badass or disturbing — depending on your point of view.

I fall more in the ‘disturbing’ camp. Watching this video makes me consider the inevitable crumbling of our society.

But then Salem are all about shock value. I think they’re as much into ghetto thuggery as Slayer was into satan. Whether it’s an act or not, it sure as hell is a creepy video:

(via p4k)

If you’re not too unsettled, check out Salem’s witch-housey remix of Interpol’s “Try It On.”  I’m going to pray for us.

depeche mode 'puppets' röyksopp remix

Depeche Mode’s Remixes 2: 81-11 doesn’t arrive until June 6, but plenty of tracks have been floated out there over the past month.

Two remixes of “Personal Jesus” — one by Alec Metric and another entitled “Stargate Remix” — plus the Eric Prydz remix of “Never Let Me Down Again” have been streamed on the Depeche Mode facebook page.

In our original post on the subject, we dug up streams of Unkle’s “John The Revelator,” the Oliver Huntemann & Stephan Bodzin Dub of “Everything Counts,” and the sweet M83 rework of “Suffer Well.”

If the latter was a rework, the latest peek at the remix collection is a total re-do. Norwegian dance duo Röyksopp have taken on “Puppets” from 1981’s Speak And Spell:

Compare that to the relatively tinny ’81 version:

Speaking of 1981, just a reminder that Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder contribute remixes to this project. See the full tracklist below:

single disc version

  1. Dream On – Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix Edit (2001)
  2. Personal Jesus – The Stargate Mix (2011)
  3. Suffer Well – M83 Remix (2006)
  4. John The Revelator – UNKLE Reconstruction (2006)
  5. In Chains – Tigerskin’s No Sleep Remix Edit (2011)
  6. Peace – SixToes Remix (2009)
  7. Tora! Tora! Tora! – Karlsson And Winnberg (from Miike Snow) Remix (2011)
  8. Never Let Me Down Again – Eric Prydz Remix (2011)
  9. I Want It All – Roland M.Dill Remix (2011)
  10. Wrong – Trentemøller Remix (2009)
  11. Puppets – Röyksopp Remix (2011)
  12. Everything Counts – Oliver Huntemann And Stephan Bodzin Dub (2006)
  13. A Pain That I’m Used To – Jacques Lu Cont Remix (2005)

triple disc version
disc one

  1. Dream On – Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix (2001)
  2. Suffer Well – M83 Remix (2006)
  3. John The Revelator – UNKLE Reconstruction (2006)
  4. In Chains – Tigerskin’s No Sleep Remix (2009)
  5. Peace – SixToes Remix (2009)
  6. Lilian – Chab Vocal Remix Edit (2006)
  7. Never Let Me Down Again – Digitalism Remix (2006)
  8. Corrupt – Efdemin Remix (2009)
  9. Everything Counts – Oliver Huntemann And Stephan Bodzin Dub (2006)
  10. Happiest Girl – The Pulsating Orbital Vocal Mix (1990)
  11. Walking In My Shoes – Anandamidic Mix (1993)
  12. Personal Jesus – The Stargate Mix (2011)
  13. Slowblow – Darren Price Mix (1997)

disc two

  1. Wrong – Trentemøller Club Remix (2009)
  2. World In My Eyes – Dub In My Eyes (1990)
  3. Fragile Tension – Peter Bjorn and John Remix (2009)
  4. Strangelove – Tim Simenon/Mark Saunders Remix (1998)
  5. A Pain That I’m Used To – Jacques Lu Cont Remix (2005)
  6. The Darkest Star – Monolake Remix (2006)
  7. I Feel You – Helmet At The Helm Mix (1993)
  8. Higher Love – Adrenaline Mix Edit (2004)
  9. Fly On The Windscreen – Death Mix (1985)
  10. Barrel Of A Gun – United Mix (1997)
  11. Only When I Lose Myself – Dan The Automator Mix (1998)
  12. Ghost – Le Weekend Remix (2009)

disc three

  1. Personal Jesus – Alex Metric Remix Edit (2011)
  2. Never Let Me Down Again – Eric Prydz Remix (2011)
  3. Behind The Wheel – Vince Clarke Remix (2011)
  4. Leave In Silence – Claro Intelecto ‘The Last Time’ Remix (2011)
  5. In Chains – Alan Wilder Remix (2011)
  6. When The Body Speaks – Karlsson And Winnberg Remix (2011)
  7. Puppets – Röyksopp Remix (2011)
  8. Tora! Tora! Tora! – Karlsson And Winnberg (from Miike Snow) Remix (2011)
  9. Freestate – Clark Remix (2011)
  10. I Want It All – Roland M. Dill Remix (2011)
  11. A Question Of Time – Joebot Presents ‘Radio Face’ Remix (2011)
  12. Personal Jesus – Sie Medway-Smith Remix (2011)

more new beastie boys – stream 'say it'

This is becoming a daily occurrence. Someone on the Beastie Boys PR team deserves a raise.

First there was the Fight For Your Right – Revisited trailer and the “Make Some Noise” single, then the “Make Some Noise” video, then the full Fight For Your Right – Revisited, and now this:

It’s “Say It”, courtesy of somekindofawesome, a dirty jam that indicates Hot Sauce Committee Part Two might be the return to form we all hoped for with To The 5 Boroughs.

Below, you can catch the “Make Some Noise” video if you missed it the first time and the full uncensored version of Fight For Your Right – Revisited:

And here’s the complete stream and tracklist of Hot Sauce Committee Part Two:

  1. Make Some Noise
  2. Nonstop Disco Powerpack
  3. OK
  4. Too Many Rappers [new reactionaries version] (feat. NAS)
  5. Say It
  6. The Bill Harper Collection
  7. Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (feat. Santigold)
  8. Long Burn The Fire
  9. Funky Donkey
  10. The Larry Routine
  11. Tadlock’s Glasses
  12. Lee Majors Come Again
  13. Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament
  14. Here’s A Little Something For Ya
  15. Crazy Ass Shit
  16. The Lisa Lisa/Full Force Routine

'a chore' – new video from tom vek

If you’re like me, you may not know who Tom Vek is. Turns out, he’s kind of the English version of Beck. Apologies for the broad comparison, but he is a singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist with a genre spanning sound and a knack for a good beat.

He’s been off the map since his 2005 debut, We Have Sound, but the UK music press has been buzzing about his rumored return.

Well, it’s rumored no more. Leisure Seizure will be released June 6 via Island Records. It’s highly anticipated over there, but here we’re just catching on. He recently debuted lead single “A Chore” on Zane Lowe, and now said single has a clever Ollie Evans directed video:

Encouraging discovery in my book. Here’s the full tracklist for Leisure Seizure:

  1. Hold Your Hand
  2. Aroused
  3. A Chore
  4. We Do Nothing
  5. World of Doubt
  6. Seizemic
  7. A.P.O.L.O.G.Y
  8. Someone Loves You
  9. Close Mic’ed
  10. On A Plate
  11. You Need to Work Your Heart Out
  12. Too Bad

flaming lips gummy skull tracks

That Wayne Coyne is one crazy sumbitch. Last month, he hand-delivered a 12″ of acid jams recorded with Neon Indian to record stores in Oklahoma City and Dallas. Yesterday, he made the same trip — with a stop in Austin thrown in — to present these:

Gummy skulls. Yes, they are edible. And yes, those are vaginas on top.

Buried inside the skulls is a USB featuring four new Flaming Lips songs. I don’t want to know how you get it out.

Anyway, the tunes themselves are less experimental than the Neon Indian collaboration, but still pretty bizarre — along the lines of Embryonic. Here they are, beginning with “Drug Chart”:

“In Our Bodies Out Of Our Heads”:

“Walk With Me”:

“Hillary’s Time Machine”:

For more photos of the gummy skulls, and to see what Coyne might be up to next, follow his Twitter page.

beastie boys premiere 'fight for your right – revisited'

The Beastie Boys 8th album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, is still a couple weeks away, but the promotion is heating up.

If you’ll recall, just a few weeks ago a star-studded trailer for Fight For Your Right – Revisited was released. Yesterday, the video for single “Make Some Noise” premiered — and it’s an slice of the alternate reality created in Fight For Your Right – Revisited, with Elijah Wood as Ad-Rock, Danny McBride as MCA, and Seth Rogen as Mike D:

Check out the complete cast at IMDB.


Now you can watch the uncensored version of the full 30 minute short fim:

morrissey 'glamorous glue' b-side rarities

Morrissey has yet another best-of collection coming out next week, and yesterday he re-released Your Arsenal (pity about that Tottenham comeback today) single “Glamorous Glue.”

The single was originally released in the US, but never in the UK. This time, it was made available in several formats — a 7″ picture disc, 7″ single, CD single and digital single — each with its own bonus material.

Of the most interest are the b-sides of the vinyl singles, which are previously unreleased Viva Hate demos. On the flip side of the picture disc is the perfectly titled “Treat Me Like A Human Being”:

“Safe, Warm Lancashire Home” is the b-side on the other 7″:

And if you don’t quite remember “Glamorous Glue,” here’s the video for the Alain Whyte/Boz Boorer dueling guitar stomp:

Morrissey and slide guitar. Weird.