sloan turns twenty with 'the double cross'

As we mentioned a few months back, Canadian rock stalwarts Sloan are on the verge of twenty years and ten albums together.

The Double Cross comes out in two weeks, but Chris Murphy, Patrick Pentland, Jay Ferguson and Andrew Scott have been dissecting the album on the band’s youtube channel for those of us who care. Per usual, all four guys split up the songwriting – which contributes to the eclectic nature of their sound and the occasional misguided Beatles comparisons.

Have a bit of a preview here, as we match up the commentary with the appropriate track. You’ll notice several mentions of 1996’s One Chord To Another, which bodes well for the new album. Here’s Chris and “Follow The Leader”:

Get the idea? Now here’s Patrick and “Unkind”:

Now Chris is back again for “Shadow Of Love”:

Unfortunately, soft spoken Jay gets the shaft here… but here’s drummer Andrew — who always seems to write my favorite Sloan songs, like “People Of The Sky” — with his take on “She’s Slowin’ Down Again”:

Not bad for a bunch of old Canadians, eh? The Double Cross is out May 10 on Yep Roc.


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