the wombats new album, not techno fans

Liverpool’s The Wombats return with album number two today, This Modern Glitch. As the couple of EPs released leading up the album — Jump Into The Fog and Anti D — indicated, this is quite a departure from the schoolboy punk of 2008’s A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation.

While the lads who loved that album might be disappointed, The Wombats are reaching for a wider audience. Frontman Matthew Murphy has embraced his Korg and the band are going for bigger choruses and thicker hooks.

Murphy can still turn a phrase, as you’ll note in the video for “Techno Fan,” but the sweet backing vocals and soaring keyboards overpower his prose:

Murphy has revealed a prescription pill addiction that shaped much of the record. In “Our Perfect Disease” he hints at why he may have started popping pills in the first place:

Women. Who needs them. Am I right, guys?

Catch The Wombats on tour this summer.. hopefully more US dates are on the way.


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